The success stories of our Interns



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May 25, 2024

At Linehub, we strongly believe in continuous development within every field. Young professionals not only bring fresh perspectives but also provide us with valuable learning moments. We would therefore like to thank all our young professionals for their dedication and contribution. It is an honor to see many of them returning to work with us. Some of our interns hope to share their experiences. Read their stories below!

Lisanne Pothuizen:

During my branding and content marketing internship at Linehub in my third year of Communication studies, I eagerly engaged in various projects and introduced new initiatives, fostering my skills and exploring my interests.

“The company’s supportive culture empowered me to exceed expectations, fostering both personal and professional growth.”

After completing my internship, I was allowed to continue working part-time as Marketing Support, which gave me the chance to further develop my skills and increase my contribution to the team.

When it was time to schedule my graduate internship, I started looking for a place where I could write my thesis. Although I was in touch with several companies, I felt that my preference was with Linehub already. My experience at Linehub has not only enhanced my knowledge and skills in marketing communications but has also given me a deeper understanding of my abilities and interests. Among other things, the time I spent at Linehub has shaped me into the professional I am today and I look back on my journey with pride.

Lisanne Pothuizen
Marketing intern
Linehub, Office Almere

Laura Escoriza Camacho:

I joined Affiliprint in 2022 as an intern, I was then in my second year of my business administration studies. Once I had completed my internship in 2023, I continued my studies and have been back with great joy at Affiliprint since February 2024.

“During my internship, I quickly found out that Linehub was different from most companies, this was because there was a nice working environment and I felt comfortable right from day one.”

I found out during my time at Linehub that an office job does not have to be boring, I work with colleagues who allow me to be myself and bring out the best in me. Lastly, what I would like to pass on to future interns is that it is worth applying to one of Linehub’s labels. It is a diverse company where there is plenty of guidance and where students can develop themselves into a better version of themselves.

Laura Escoriza Camacho
Junior clients service manager
Affiliprint, Office Almere

Gregor van Maaren:

My experience at Daisycon, a Linehub label, has been super positive so far.

“Working within Linehub has allowed me to develop my skills in an international environment, which has stimulated my professional growth and provided me with a head start towards my professional career.”

Within Linehub, I’ve found joy in collaborating with colleagues to tackle complex problems and devise innovative solutions. This environment allows me to leverage my creativity and analytical skills, particularly in crafting my graduation thesis. Linehub fosters a culture of collaboration and knowledge sharing, enabling me to learn from colleagues across various fields. Their support and willingness to provide necessary materials greatly aided me in completing my thesis.

What truly sets Linehub apart are the unexpected opportunities it offers. As an
intern, I did not expect to have such a direct impact on projects and decision-
making processes.

“Linehub gives interns the chance to truly be part of the team and contribute to real outcomes, which is an incredible learning experience that I don’t think is easy to find elsewhere.”

Gregor van Maaren
Marketing intern
Daisycon, Office Antwerp

Jevon Kartodimedjo:

My journey at Linehub began as an intern in the Business Development department, where I gained valuable experience. Upon completion of my four-month internship, I transitioned into a role as a Junior Business Development Support. This opportunity has been instrumental in my professional growth, providing firsthand insights into the online marketing sector.

Starting as a young student with little knowledge of online marketing, my internship sparked a newfound interest in the field. Through hands-on experience and mentorship, I gained confidence in pursuing a career in online marketing.

“For aspiring interns, I highly recommend exploring opportunities at Linehub. The company offers room for career advancement and skill development within online marketing.”

Jevon Kartodimedjo
Junior Business Development Support
Linehub, Office Almere