Parcel inserts reimagined – data-driven. targeted. measurable.

Combining two worlds: the best of online marketing, with the advantages of offline advertisement.

Reaching your ideal customer can be expensive and inefficient. ParcelDealz offers a next-generation advertising format: data-driven parcel inserts from the label printer, enabling you to acquire highly targeted new customers.

A single insert reaches multiple household members, often more than once. We help you reach your target group using insert marketing  via our international offline distribution network of over 1200 publishers in 32 countries.

We analyze each parcel recipient’s demographics (age, gender, location, purchasing power) and the products inside the parcel to ensure you reach the perfect audience. Your ads are only printed and inserted if the recipient perfectly matches your ideal customer profile, maximizing campaign performance. Enjoy the benefits of online marketing with the power of an offline reach.

Our services: 

Insert Marketing

Reach your target customers data-driven and with high performance

Boost your revenue

Acquire new customers efficiently with data-driven targeting.

Effortless Campaign Management

Launch campaigns instantly – no lead time or manual work required.

Reach measurable results

Digital tracking with accurate performance monitoring.


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Dominik Romer
Managing Director ParcelDealz

Whitepaper: Insert Marketing as Offline Influencer

In this whitepaper you can read more about the impact print has on the conversion path and the applicability within your marketing mix. Have you ever thought about the fact that influencer marketing can also be applied offline?

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