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Social media keeps us informed on everything that’s new. We like, follow, communicate, and share everything that interests us. All this data could be used to identify and reach your ideal target group. By using the advertising opportunities per social channel, you encourage your target audience to take action. Your content can be text, images, video or all of the above!

Thanks to our years of experience and specialist knowledge of the many available social channels, we know how to make the right choices for your brand. We’ve seen the (im)possibilities of social media and know which combinations reinforce each other. We’ll gladly discuss the possibilities for your brand.

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The benefits for your business

Social campaigns can focus specifically on the consumer market (B2C), using channels such as Facebook and Instagram. In addition, we manage campaigns aimed at companies (B2B) as well, for which a channel such as LinkedIn is particularly suitable. We ensure that your message is relevant for your target group and platform. Moreover, in consultation with you, we ensure that the message is spread consistently across all channels.

Social media is also the place that can generate boosts, the so-called snowball effect. Because of the simplicity, accessibility, and large number of users, content (e.g. advertisements or posts) can easily be shared, liked or shredded. An accelerator for brand awareness. Social media specialists at Conversive know like no other which buttons to push to achieve the maximum result.

Increase your reach

Propagate a consistent message across all relevant channels.


Reach potential customers who’ve visited your website before.

Result driven

Optimize your campaign according to your goals: more traffic? A higher conversion rate? You name it!

Social media is one of the best media to start a conversation with your target audience.


Martijn Zoetebier
Group Director Business Development

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