Lead Generation

Build your database with relevant, well-qualified leads

Linehub is able to set up a complete omnichannel lead campaign for your brand, with the option of creating a fully responsive landing page. With your goals in mind, we activate a network of publishers, both online and offline to fill your database with high-quality leads. In return, publishers get rewarded based on performance. We offer the possibility to add a game element to your campaign to gain even better visibility within your target audience and encourage them to participate in your campaign. Our team of performance marketing specialists at Linehub is happy to take on your brand’s challenge. Together we make it happen, but we do most of the work for you. Sit back, relax and watch your customer database grow!

This service is offered by Linehub labels Daisycon and Basebuilder.  

Quality over quantity

Lead generation is one of the most efficient and measurable ways to generate new customers. Many people think of lead generation as optimising a landing page to maximise conversion. Or to minimise the metric CPL (Cost per lead). We know there are many more ways to grow your database. Why not try a cross-media campaign, online or offline. Make use of gamification to engage your audience. In the end we all have the same goal in mind: high quality leads.

How to generate more quality leads with our tailor made campaigns

We believe that the goal of a well thought-out lead campaign should be about quality. In this business case you can read how we run a campaign from start to finish.

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Call center leads

Increase the reach of your call center.

Dedicated landing pages

With the collected data you can take the first step towards potential clients.

Newsletter subscription

Generate more business from your newsletter thanks to new subscribers.

Lead generation is one of the most efficient and measurable ways to generate new customers


Emile Muijsson
Managing Director Basebuilder