Everybody loves unboxing

If you have a subscription to a magazine, newspaper or ordered something online as a consumer, chances are you’ve been in contact with one of Affiliprint’s inserts.

We distribute vouchers, gift cards, and product samples through webshop parcels, magazines, and newspapers. This way, you can reach prospects at that positive moment of unpacking a parcel or reading their favourite publication. Any place, any time.

A single insert reaches multiple household members, often more than once. We help you reach your target group using insert marketing  via our international offline distribution network of over 1200 publishers in 32 countries.

Team up with the best matching brand partners and multiply your branding and performance. Choose to prolong the campaign based on the best performing publishers and increase conversion results.

Our services: 

Insert Marketing

Let our team of result-driven experts help you go beyond targets

Smooth Distribution

We assist in creating the perfect insert and handle the production. We make sure your material is delivered at the right time and location.

Dedication & commitment

Our teams of result-driven experts work hard in 5 offices across Europe. Your personal Media Planner will guide you along the way.

Brand Partnerships

With every campaign we strive for the perfect relationship between price and conversion.

Whitepaper: Insert Marketing as Offline Influencer

In this whitepaper you can read more about the impact print has on the conversion path and the applicability within your marketing mix. Have you ever thought about the fact that influencer marketing can also be applied offline?

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