Marketing Intelligence

Discover what your target audience really wants, and act on it


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Marketing intelligence. Reinvented.

Big data and AI give us a lot of insights which can be used for executive decision making, marketing performance, data driven category management and innovation. Focusing on what your potential and existing customers actually want, and need.

Re/search, Re/think, Re/act

We do the research and the analyses, and help you translate the insights into new future-proof business strategies. It’s then up to you to act on it and make it work.

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Reach your target audience

For every company there are multiple interesting target audiences. We therefore focus on the still unknown website visitor, the visitor who can become a customer and the customer who must be retained. Our data wizards and hands-on innovators know things, by diving into big data. Valuable insights are then processed into tailor made strategies for companies that want to grow and evolve.


Learning about relevant trends before they are trending

Targeted advertising

Use our insights for meaningful, well aimed advertising


Demand-driven strategies to improve your business

Our three pillars: search intelligence, visitor intelligence and customer intelligence.


Niek van der Schoot
Operational Director New Media