Market intelligence. Reinvented.

Hi! We are Trendata.

We use AI and big data to provide real-time insights into market demand and consumer needs that lead to smarter business solutions. We are hands-on visionaries who understand the needs of innovators, game changers and strategic thinkers. By exploring new technologies, we push the frontiers of research so that both existing as well as new clients achieve success in customer value, product innovation, brand engagement and future-proof business strategies.

Our business analysts and data scientists work together to bring out the best in each other. Together we provide valuable and actionable insights for growing companies as well as frontrunners and market leaders who are looking for excellence and want to (continue to) stay ahead.

We discover trends before they are trending and we understand consumer needs before the rest of the world does. By analysing these insights and presenting them in an easy to understand manner, companies can respond to the specific needs of their existing and new customers.

Our services: 

Marketing Intelligence

Our solution provides real-time insights in total market demand and consumer needs

Insights for executives

Never miss out on a future business opportunity

Insights for marketing

Discover what your audience wants

Insights for purchasing

A data driven match between supply and demand

Insights for innovation

Customer needs determine future development


Martijn Zoetebier
Group Director Business Development