Stop waiting, start growing

You want to grow, your business wants to grow. Whatever your business is, whatever your goal is. You want the best result. No worries, we’ll make it happen.

Daisycon has been a pioneer in affiliate marketing for over 20 years. We think of our clients as allies and together with our experience and technological know-how we are passionate in helping you grow your online business.

With effective performance marketing campaigns, we help you sell more products. By applying affiliate marketing or by gathering valuable information through lead generation. Our campaigns are transparent, scalable, and optimizable at any time. We’ll take care of it from A to Z.

Together with our team of enthusiastic campaign managers, we create the right partnerships through our international network. We connect you with the right publisher and make sure your campaign gets the promotion it deserves, while you only pay for the best result. 

Let our team of result-driven experts help you go beyond targets

International Network

Wide international reach: advertise with one of the biggest international affiliate networks in Europe.

Proactive Support

We work with 60+ result-driven experts in 6 offices across Europe. Generating maximum return for your online campaigns with proactive support.

Technical Leader

In-house tech development: supporting custom attribution models and developing our own comparison tools


Marcel Dijkstra
Commercial Director Daisycon

Partnering with Google CSS partners

Research among advertisers shows that collaboration with Google CSS partners adds value to your affiliate program. Read the results here.

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