adnymics & ParcelDealz join the Linehub family brand of marketing agencies



Last Updated

April 8, 2024

Linehub is well known in the marketing industry for its people-driven connecting hub for labels to facilitate services in online and offline communication and marketing campaigns. The labels Daisycon, Affiliprint, Sovendus (BV & AS), Basebuilder, Conversive, Trendata, and New Media are all part of Linehub. With adnymics and ParcelDealz joining forces with Affiliprint, they are now also part of the marketing collective.

The newcomers adnymics and ParcelDealz provide more services for insert marketing and data-driven printing. adnymics was founded in 2014 and has since then been working on making print intelligent and data-driven. Their individualised parcel inserts and direct mail aim to increase customer experience and drive revenue with fully customised product recommendations and individual content. With ParcelDealz, in 2022 a platform was developed for customer acquisition using smart inserts from the label printer for specifically targeted campaign placement.

adnymics and ParcelDealz will continue their services in Munich and strengthen their portfolio and market share in Germany. Both new labels are directly linked to Affiliprint, which is part of Linehub. Linehub strengthens its market share in offline marketing with adnymics and ParcelDealz, next to established labels as Affiliprint, and also enables crossover opportunities for its online product portfolio and improves the customer journey for its clients. This is an important milestone for Linehub, and with this expansion, more services in the customer journey can be facilitated.

Marko Dobroschelski about onboarding adnymics:

I’m very happy and excited that adnymics joins the Linehub family, this is for adnymics the opportunity to capitalise on their existing products, drive development, and scale at a much faster pace with our combined resources, client base, and experience. On the other hand, this acquisition contributes to the Linehub growth goals and also opens opportunities for all labels for new distribution channels via the ParcelDealz product. On top of it, it will strengthen our position in the “offline” e-commerce market, (Affiliprint, Basebuilder, Heidenreich-Card, adnymics, ParcelDealz) first in Germany but soon internationally. Finally, I’m happy we can welcome Dominik, Simon, and their team in Munich on board, joining our journey and strengthening the Linehub collective.

Linehub was founded in 2019 to facilitate and structure the customer journey services for all its marketing labels. It is a brand family that started with Daisycon in 2000. The goal for the coming period is to create more opportunities for clients to reach their target audience and boost their growth and expansion.