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Linehub is the family brand of fresh and inventive marketing agencies. Together we explore new opportunities, develop campaigns that work, and create true value.

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We believe that valuable connections are the foundations for achieving success. Read more about our labels and how we achieve these results. Together.


Sustainable customer retention with personalized parcel inserts and direct mails at exactly the right time along the customer journey.


Leading Insert Marketing network in Europe with global reach. Develop cost-effective campaigns by leveraging barter opportunities within Affiliprint’s partner network.


Basebuilder connects companies around the world with their customers by driving online and offline audiences to branded activation campaigns.


Specialist in result-oriented marketing with expertise in search engine marketing and social media advertising. Effortless campaign management integration with other Linehub labels.


One of the largest affiliate networks in Europe. In-house technology for developing its own comparison tools and custom attribution models.

New Media

Big data specialist finding out all about (potential) customers based on their search behaviour. Providing tailor-made strategies for companies that want to take their service to the next level.


Revolutionize customer acquisition with data-driven parcel inserts from the label printer. Specific targeting leads to maximum performance.


Sovendus translates webshops’ transactions into online reach to reward existing customers and new customers at the same time. Within this closed network, partners reinforce each other by exchanging customers.


Trendata knows trends before they are trending. Using AI and big data to provide real-time insights into market demand and consumer needs that lead to smarter, future-proof business strategies.

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We see our clients as allies. Together we explore new opportunities, develop campaigns that work, and create true value.

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