Affiliate Campaign Management

Rely on certified experts for your campaign’s success

Affiliate marketing has solidified its reputation as a dependable and powerful online marketing channel, boasting an impressive track record. Nonetheless, it is far from a passive venture where immediate results can be expected upon activation. Proactive and effective management plays a vital role in ensuring a campaign attains success. However, this demands dedicated time, attention, and expertise‚ÄĒresources that may not always be available. In such cases, the solution lies in campaign management – putting your campaign in the expert hands of the Conversive professionals.


Through campaign management, you enlist the services of Conversive, a part of the Linehub marketing collective. In fact, we not only share office space but also enjoy the same coffee machine. This close consultation fosters ongoing collaborations and facilitates the exchange of the latest trends and insights.


Place your campaign management in the capable hands of the Conversive team, consisting of certified and experienced online marketers. This service is available for two scenarios: If you are already affiliated with Daisycon but wish to entrust the responsibilities to professionals, or if you are new to affiliate marketing and desire to have experts handle your new account directly. You also have the flexibility to either fully entrust your campaign management to Conversive’s experienced professionals or opt for a combination where specific tasks are delegated to them.

This service is brought to you by Conversive.

The benefits for your business

Conversive provides comprehensive support for your affiliate channel, managing every aspect. This includes handling setup, communication with publishers, exploring new media possibilities, acquiring publishers, and approving transactions. Moreover, you stay informed about potential opportunities and industry updates through Daisycon. Additionally, you maintain direct contact with your dedicated channel manager, who possesses specialized expertise in your particular field.


Conversive is fully in charge of handeling tickets and the communication with affiliate, publishers and you.


Publisher, transaction and deal approvals are all managed by Conversive.


Conversive actively analyzes your campaign results, makes improvements where needed and identifies potential opportunities.


Experience results with a low CPS and high ROAS through the affiliate marketing management service


Janinke Dekker
Business Development Manager

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