Privacy Statement – Linehub

(last update: 01-09-2019)

We believe that the privacy of our visitors is very valuable. Naturally, we adhere to the applicable laws and regulations, so you can be sure that we will handle your personal information with care. In this privacy statement, we would like to share with you the way we handle your data and for which purpose.

Your personal data and Linehub

We are convinced that the behavior of people is the most important part of security. All Linehub employees are well informed about what is permitted when it comes to the processing of data. There are guidelines and there is a separate policy for incoming data. In addition, there is a safety and escalation protocol. Our data policy is regularly brought to the attention of all colleagues and is also an integral part of our personnel handbook.

A second, and very important, part of our data security is that we store as little sensitive data as possible (privacy by design). We have an advanced rights system, which means that only authorized personnel of a certain level can access certain data.

In addition to the fact that we store as little data as possible, we also strive to achieve the best security of our systems. For this, work together with professional data security companies. In addition to the regular checks by our own technical department, we regularly conduct so-called penetration tests. We also have standard control processes for the use of new software. This ensures that, in between penetration tests, only secure software is used.

When contacting

If you contact us via our website, we will ask you for your e-mail address. We only use this information to contact you after your contact request. We save this information for a maximum of 6 months after you have sent the contact form to us.

When applying for a job

For our application process (vacancies) we use Homerun. Within the Homerun system, your data will be stored for the purpose of processing your application and getting in touch with you in case we want to meet up with you. When you give us your consent, we also store your data for analytical purposes for no longer than 12 months. We have a processor agreement with Homerun which confirms the agreements regarding the processing of personal data.

Homerun makes use of the following third-party tools which use cookies:

  • Google Tag Manager to implement third-party tools. 
  • The Facebook pixel, Twitter pixel, LinkedIn pixel, and Google AdWords Remarketing pixel in order to measure the conversion of their advertisements on social media. 
  • Homerun uses Google Analytics for general website analytics. 

Want to view or delete your data?

Do you want to know more about how Linehub handles your data or do you want us to delete your data? Then feel free to contact us. You can e-mail us at [email protected]