To the Linehub Almere office

Hey there! Our doors are always open for you. Curious how things work out here? Let us explain it to you!

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For special guests, like you, we got 2 parking spots available in the Alnovum’s garage. Joining us for a whole day or using more than 2 cars? Please park at the parking lot Schout Garage (Schoutstraat 110, Almere). This way, short-term visitors are able to park downstairs at the Alnovum. For free exit tickets for the Schout, stop by/contact our Office Manager!



Network: Linehub-Guest



When you arrive at the Alnovum, please check-in at the service desk downstairs. They’ll let us know you’ve arrived and one of our colleagues will pick you up!


Access pass 

Get access to our offices by our access pass, also for guests. You can pick it up (and return it) at our Office Manager’s desk. This will give you access to Linehub’s office; the first and second floors.


Meeting & focus rooms

Need a meeting room, call cell, or someplace quiet? Ask your contact person at Linehub to book a meeting room for you in advance. Would like to broadcast your meeting to one of the TVs? It’s possible for any device! Next to the TV, you’ll find how to connect in just a few steps.

For the call cells and focus area; no need for any reservations. You’ll find the focus area on the 2nd floor. See the map for more details.



Would like to practice your writing skills? You’ll find all the stationary you need at the printers, on both floors. Free to take!


Connecting your device to your desk

All the monitors have a USB-C connection. No USB-C entrance? Ask our Office Manager for an HDMI or Thunderbolt cable and you’re ready to go.


Locking up

Working till late? Check with our colleagues what time they’ll be leaving, as a Hubster will be responsible for closing off and turning on the alarm. We wouldn’t want you to be locked up for the night…


Food & drinks

Please help yourself to some free drinks (sodas, coffee, tea), fruit, or soup in the lounge on the first floor and the kitchen on the second floor. 

In need of some proper breakfast, lunch, dinner, or snacks? Check out The Honesty Bar’s menu on the first floor. 

How does The Honesty Bar work?

  1. Choose whatever you like, honest products for honest prices. Zero profit.
  2. It’s time to prepare your own meal! Get inspired by our suggestions on the menu, or create your own meal and put together whatever you think will be tasty.
  3. Happy belly? Scan Tikkie’s QR code and fill in the right amount for your order (the sum of all the products you’ve used). Thank you!


Would like to receive some more info about our labels?

Feel free to reach out to our (managing) directors/ Heads of:

Linehub: Barry Kampstra (CTO), Marko Dobroschelski (CEO) & Koen van Sloten (COO)

Conversive: Martijn Zoetebier (Group Director Business Development)

Affiliprint: Malte Grundmann (Managing Director)

Sovendus B.V.: Daan van der Hofstede (Managing Director)

Daisycon: Marcel Dijkstra (Commercial Director), Francis Heering (Head of Channel Management) & Seger Geerars (Managing Director) 

Trendata & New-Media: Martijn Huve (Director)

Basebuilder: Emile Muijson (Managing Director)

Fleur van Son
Office Manager