Consumers have a growing need for a personalized shopping experience. This requires marketers to be creative and innovative in setting up their customer journey. The focus is no longer on the company objective per touchpoint, but the experience a consumer demands per touchpoint. Call it the new ‘sweet spot’ for companies to stay competitive and relevant nowadays.


Linehub offers a new perspective on the customer journey, so you can promote your campaigns cost effectively. We shift the focus from a quick-win to a high customer lifetime value. Based on your goals, we bridge the gap between what customers want and what your company needs. This way we create cohesion across all touchpoints, from brand awareness to customer retention. A customer journey does not stop at a purchase, but can be reactivated there.

With Linehub, you've got
everything you need to

get the most out of
your campaigns.

A personalized solution for every touchpoint

Reach your customer through targeted social and google campaigns, convert them through relevant partners and create loyalty with smart revenue and retention models.

Work with cost effective revenue models

Get maximum ROI for your marketing efforts by choosing the right channels for your target audience. Use performance based models to promote your campaigns cost effectively.

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